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  • Relationship all over the world has become nightmares, but ,it is often said that in order to

    cure a disease completely you need to address the root cause and not the symptoms of the disease.

    Working on successful relationship is one of the most life skill we can learn if we cannot maintain lasting

    relationship, we will always struggle to be happy .Fail relationship are one of the highest causes of stress

    and unhappiness in life. The reason why relationship fail have been identified in detail here,

    It is no longer news that love relationship often undergoes failure everyday of our personal life. In fact

    ,the failure rate of love and marriage these days are quite high. According to statistics provided for every

    one new relationship that is established at least two old ones are experiencing breakup everyday incredible,

    but it’s true one would want to examine the various reasons why these relationship fail.

    A few reasons that comes to mind as highlighted mostly we are not considerate when dealing with others our

    egocentric and pleasure often make us take a decision that are selfish and self-serving.In serving one self ,we

    begin fantasize about a perfect EX PARTNER but a (PERFECT PARTNER) is not known to human existence .what we

    usually get is an imperfect partner managing another imperfect partner imperfect way, similarly , you can’t

    predict all occurrences, but safe relationship habits will certainly diminish the likelihood of you finding

    yourself in a fail relationship .