Too Much Too Soon.

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It may be very funny telling someone I love you on the first date, planning your retirement together  or talking about “us” or “we”  prematurely . This applies too much pressure and not planned but done because you suddenly  want to do it. And fun from the early stages . In our present world  where trust is scarce. Such rush gives a wrong impression of you being a smooth tongued liar.

You should never be the first in a relationship with a guy to “ I love you “ . That’s his job . most  girls have done it and regretted it , especially when they don’t hear  “ I love you too  “ in return .This gives him much less work , once you have said it , you can never take it back. Make sure the guy is in love with you before you utter these three words  “ I love you” you will be better off for it ,believe me. Hold off for a while until you know each other better.

Everything that exists in our universe, undoubtedly has a time frame including love. Don’t be too quick to establish yourselves as a longstanding couple when you have known each other just a few weeks . Wanting to pin someone down too quickly to see if he/she is “committed” is like trying to insist cabin crew should serve you their delicious vacuum-packed fare during takeoff. Give it a chance.

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