Mistake Repeatedly.

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Often times, you can make the same mistakes ,as you made in your previous relationship that gave you stress and you keep wondering why and what to do . It is absolutely necessary to identify which aspect of your behavior irritates your EX PARTNERS , So as to make amends , Your PARTNERS repeated mistakes may be a function of your own misbehavior.

Transferring   such behaviors to the next relationship will yield the same result in this regard, you must do the following.

  • Identify your mistakes and learn from it.
  • Abstain from having ‘’dysfunctional features’’ that match characteristics of someone with whom you had a past destructive relationship.
  • Know your behavior and try to change them.
  • As questions: it is extremely important for you to repeatedly ask yourself , ‘’WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT THIS INDIVIDUAL ‘’ ? Does what I know about EX PARTNER fit what I want in my life ?
  • As about their hopes, dreams, fears, and worries.
  • Ask about past relationships , hobbies, interest, friends and as many facets of that person’s life as you can think of .
  • Speak about yours also .Do not be over secretive.

Time heals your wounds but reflection and action will heal your past hurt and prevent the same thing from happening again.It’s not enough just to make a list : there has to be a moment when you face up to your past negative experiences to help you move on to better things.


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