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Nagging means to repeatedly find fault, complain and constantly annoy another person. It’s one of many tools people try to use to control other’s actions. Nagging can become a vicious circle. The more you nag, the more your partner avoids you or withdraw both emotionally and physically from you .There are many negative effects that nagging can cause in a relationship, whether that relationship is parental, marital, dating or friendship.

One of the detrimental effects of nagging is festering a better resentment in the person  being nagged. The constant feeling that nothing is ever good enough, that nothing is acceptable , and that nothing they do is right can wear on a person overtime .The aggressive tone of nagging on things that shoudn’t be done can produce the opposite effect of what we desire . Trying to force someone to stop doing something they either enjoy or want to do, makes  them not only feel controlled but as if their free will was given up by being in this relationship’

They, in a sense, feel as though they are losing their own identity and being forced to become what the other person wants them to be.

How to stop nagging.

  • Don’t insist that a task be done on your schedule.
  • Remind your partner that it’s better to decline a task than to break a promise.
  • Assign chores based on personal priorities.
  • Explain how you feel not how he/she is wrong.
  • Make the distinction between “This is how it has to be “and ‘’ This is how I’d like it to be .
  • Never sound judgmental in your speeches.

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